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        Nowadays everyone is so much trying to keep fit that sometimes they miss the fact there are times when they should not be exercising at all. Here you can find real reasons to stop training for a while and do not feel sorry for your laziness.

        When you are ill

        Do not exercise if you are not feeling well, even if it is just a cold. Workout can hurt your immune system(免疫系統) and lengthen illness. As a result,you will spend more time away from the physical activity. Training while being ill is also a main cause of other injuries since it is more difficult to focus on(專心于) what you are doing when you feel bad.

        When you have not had enough recovering time

        Do not rush back to your normal workout habit after you have been ill. Starting to train too early is likely to lead to a return of your symptoms(癥狀). When you do decide to go back to the sports ground, be sure to start your exercise slowly and with care. Even one week or so off your usual exercise can make a difference.

        When you are tired out

        There sometimes are days when you do not feel like gong to the sports ground, and sometimes your body might be telling you to take a break,It will do you a lot of good to have a day off from your fitness classes. Go home, have a healthy meal and do not teel sorry for not being at the sports ground.Remember that sometimes you just need to relax.

        43. What might be the result of exercising when you are ill?

        A. You will improve your immune system; B. You will catch a cold easily.

        C.You will be ill for a longer time; D.You will pay little attention to your illness.

        44. While recovering from an illness, you are advised to______.

        A. go to the sports ground every day; B.start training as early as possible

        C. rush back to your workout habit; D.start your exercise gradually and carefully

        45.What is suggested in the passage when you do not feel like exercising?

        A.Join a fitness class; B. Have a rich meal.

        C.Stay away from the sports ground; D. Sleep for a day at home.

        46. What might be the best title for the text?

        A. Reasons That You Don't Feel Like Exercising; B.Times When You Should Not Exercise

        C.Causes of Tiredness; D.Effects of Illness


        Most teenagers in the United States try to make time for school, family and friends. But some choose bigger goals. Here are the stories of two American teens working to make a difference in the world.

        At age 15, Winter Vinecki has already had more successes than most people have in their lifetime."I recently completed a marathon(馬拉松)on all seven continents and became the youngest person in the world to do so. And,I was really doing this for my dad.”

        Doctors discovered Winter's father had prostate cancer(前列腺癌) when she was nine years old.Her father died 10 months later.

        “When he was first found ill I immediately knew I had to do something to help him. That’s when I formed Team Winter for prostate cancer research.”

        Through Team Winter,Winter Vinecki has raised almost 500 ,000 dollars. She has taken prostate cancer education worldwide from Africa to Asia through foot races called marathons,on seven continents.

        The other teen is Jack Andraka.He invented an inexpensive tool that can help find lung cancer,when he was 15 at the time.

        “Without the Internet,I would have never been able to learn all these materials I needed for this project.”

        Jack is now 17 and seeking patents (專利) for his latest inventions. He has developed low-cost water quality machines. They help take away heavy metals and chemicals from water.

        47. How did Winter make a difference in the world?

        A.She was the youngest to run foot races on seven continents.

        B. She raised almost 500,000 dollars for her father.

        C.She formed Team Winter in Africa.

        D. She completed a marathon in a sports game.

        48. Why did Winter run marathons around the world?

        A.To bring prostate cancer education to other people; B.To do prostate cancer research.

        C.To take prostate cancer lessons; D.To raise money for prostate cancer patients.

        49. What did Jack use the Internet for?

        A.Reducing the cost of the project; B.Selling his water quality machine.

        C. Searching for the needed materials; D. Helping him patent his inventions.

        50. What helps people make great achievements according to the text?

        A. Family love; B. Young age; C. Big goals; D.Friend support.


        提示:Henry準備去上海開會,打電話到航空公司訂票,工作人員Lillian 接聽了電話。

        (L= Lillian; H = Henry)

        L: Hello! This is Air China. 51

        H: Hello. I'd like to book a flight from Beijing to Shanghai.

        L: Sure. 52 ?

        H: This Saturday morning July 12.

        L: OK. How many tickets?

        H: 53 .

        L: So, that's one ticket from Beijing to Shanghai.

        H: 54 ?

        L: Well, that will be 1 ,030 yuan.

        H: OK. Can I book that now?

        L: Certainly.

        H: 55 ?

        L: You' re welcome.

        A.What date would you like to fly; B.How much is it; C. Just one ticket; D. What can I do for you; E.Thank you



        1.書名和作者: Anne Lindbergh所著Gft from the Sea;2.買書目的和原因:寫學期論文用作參考,在當地買不到;3.郵寄地址:北京城市大學英語學院,郵編:00000;4.詢問付款方式;5.表示感謝。



        43-45:CDC; 46-50:BAACC; 51-55:DACBE


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